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He looks like a boy to me, but these early china heads known as "kinderkoph" were meant to serve as either a boy or girl depending upon the clothing.  This child has a lovely pink tint porcelain head and his molded and painted black hair has brushmarks around the face.  His eyes are blue with a dark line above and a red line in the eye crease. The body is a circa 1840 pink leather body with leather arms and legs.  There is a gusset at the top of the leg. ( Whenever I have bought early china dolls in France, they have come on these early French leather bodies.  Like us, here in the U.S., they bought the heads from German firms and mounted them on their own bodies.) 
He has a nice old chemise and "bloomers" and his dress is a purple print with characteristic 1840 style pleating.  11 1/2" tall, his head is free from cracks, chips, hairlines or repairs.  There is one well done patch to the body.
See China Dolls For Study And Admiration by Mona Berger for more examples and additional information about these wonderful, early china dolls.
Click photo to enlarge (white dots, smudges are on the photo, not the doll).  Other views 1,2,3
    Rare brown eyes on this china head doll from the mid-19thc. Perfect condition too, free from hairlines, chips, cracks, repairs.  Her black hair is parted in the middle with curls surrounding her head.  Brown painted eyes with a fine red line above them.  Nice rosy cheeks and a painted closed mouth. Nice condition stuffed muslin body, that is original to the head.  Good condition leather arms (original?).   I think they may be well done replacements, but I am not sure.....that's how good they are.  
    I love her shoes!  I would buy her for these wonderful mid-19thc. green shoes!  They are a bit too large, which for me, only adds to the charm. 12 3/4" tall.
     A wonderful, rare brown eyed china for your collection of early dolls.  
    Click on photo to enlarge it.  Click here to see more and  detailed views 1, 2, 3, 4.  $675.  
A fine quality head on this early doll with deep modeling and delicate painting. Black sausage curls surround her head.  Blue eyes have a red line above.  Cheeks have the perfect amount of pink tint.  Shoulderhead if free from hairlines, cracks, repairs, but there is a chip on the front shoulder under the dress. Original stuffed muslin body with early china limbs.  Unfortunately, there is damage to one arm and one leg.  One early slender cupped hand is missing and one early flat shoe is missing.  These could be professionally repaired.  Clothing is original to the doll.  It consists of a one piece bloomer/chemise number,  petticoat , and dress made from an 1820-30 period wool chalis print (melting).  10" tall.
A great doll for the lover of early china dolls.
Click photo to enlarge it.  Other photos 1, 2, 3, 4