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Domed and with a tray, this French trunk is perfect to display with your favorite French doll. It is covered in a tan linen fabric and banded in red and black and further embellished with brass headed tacks. The handles are also brass.
 The inside of the trunk is covered in off white paper and there is a paper covered wooden partition on the bottom of the trunk. The frame of the tray is paper covered wood and the bottom of the tray is an open weave created with fabric tape.
 There is some normal soil on the lid of the trunk and some staining, but otherwise this trunk is in excellent condition.  A great accessory to use to display extra clothing, hats, etc.
Dimensions: 9” W X 13 ½”L X 8 ½” H.  Click on the photo to enlarge it.
Click here to view  photos of the inside of the trunk 1, 2Trunk top. Trunk side. $425.


This trunk is perfect for a French Fashion doll.  I found it on a recent trip to Paris and it has a partial label from that city (see photo below). The black covering on the trunk is a type of early black oilcloth.  There are some places of wear to this fabric that could be fixed if one so desired.  For me, I prefer 19th c. items to show their imperfections. The trunk measures 13"x11"x11 1/2" high.  It was what 19th c. French children used to keep their fashion doll accessories organized.  The trunk has a removable fabric tape tray.  Here the hats and lighter weight accessories would be stored.  The trunk is lined with a fine striped fabric.  The top of the trunk has 3 wooden slats. These serve to both support and decorate the trunk.
  Is your French fashion lady in need of a place to keep her trousseau and "accessoires"?  $395.
Click on photo to enlarge it.  Trunk open 1, 2. Label

MINIATURE FRENCH TRUNK FOR YOUR FAVORITE FRENCH BEBÉ have the trunk to store your favorite French doll and her trousseau......but does your doll have a trunk to house her jewelry, gloves, etc.?  How selfish is that?  I know, I thought the thousands you spent on shoes, hats, clothing was enough.  But, really.....where is HER trunk??? 

Measuring  7" long x 3 3/4" wide x 2 3/4" high, it is dome top in shape.  It is wood and covered in either a heavy paper that is made to simulate red leather or actual red leather, I am having trouble deciding. Covering is in generally excellent condition with just some minor, normal wear. The bottom has a covering of gold paper.  There are two embossed paper bands that decorate.  Nice brass handles and closure. The inside has a gold silk fabric covering (soiled).  It is missing a tray and the gold fabric is missing from the interior of the top of the trunk. If it were mine, I would have my loving, talented husband craft me a tray from balsa wood.  I would then find some lovely, old silk fabric and totally redo the interior.  Circa 1890-1910.

A great French accessory to add to your collection.

Click on photo to enlarge it.  Bottom. Interior. $190.
Another view.